First webinar

I just finished listening to the first webinar in Module 2. I had to leave the live streaming after 30 minutes so now I have been listening to the recordings.

It was a great introduction and we got to think and discuss about questions right away. Even if it is online I think it worked really well.

I think the tools was interesting. And I have thought this some more afterwards… How will we be able to measure satisfaction and psychological aspects of consuming when people are changing from one day to another? There would probably be different answers to the survey or the measuring every time it is tested. People are not rational and are very much driven by emotions. Some more than others. What is the best – to change the product/service towards the customers or to make the customer change unconsciously when consuming it?

I am curious on what to come next during this module.



En reaktion till “First webinar

  1. Very interesting your last question, I would say a combination of both is necessary. We should definitely do adjustments and improve our product/service but since all human beings are different we will be never able to create a product or service that would make happy everyone, so in that case, we should try, let’s say, ”brainwash” our customers as well to believe that it is the best choice!



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