Psychological aspects

Some thoughts about the first webinar… How many companies actually pay attention to the psychological aspect of experience?  Do they only think about it or do they actually do anything about it? Do companies believe it is important? Does it depend on what company it is?

Many thoughts… Less answers, but I think nowadays a lot of companies put a lot of effort in to this since the trend on many markets are going towards services instead of products. And for services there are a lot of focus on satisfaction and experience, I believe. At least for company focusing on quality in a special segment, where the prices are high and the product is an investment.

A lot more to learn and think about around this!


3 reaktioner till “Psychological aspects

  1. Hi, I agree it’s a very good question, if companies actually pay attention to psychological aspects… but in any case I believe they should… for example, in my experience, we are mainly focused on performance side, not thinking about customer’s expectations…. we want ”loyal” clients, but we never though what does it actually mean, what emotions can make our customers to become regular buyers….


  2. This is an interesting line of thought. In our line of work, public service within unemployment and Health, we often focus very much on the performance and very little on the experience the citizens/customers have. We focus even less upon the expectations the people we meet have and why they have these expectations.


  3. I believe that companies that offer a service and not a product pay more attention to the psychological factors, but I don’t know if they relate to experience and satisfaction levels or they just want their customers to be happy. What I mean is that I don’t know if they know how big an impact has experience on customers’ decision to come back.



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