Tweetchat nr 1

We have just finished our first tweetchat with #uce72 . It was really interesting with 4 different questions. I have most thoughts about the following 2. If someone has a thought about the other 2 questions, please comment.

Q3: Can you think of different types of expectations that the consumer might have?

I think expectations has a big effect on satisfaction and therefore it is key to understand the expectations. There are of course different types of satisfaction, dpending on where you live, what you are interested in and what experience you have. For exampe: your expectations might not be that big on public transportation if you live on the countryside. Your expectations might be very high if you have a big interest and knowledge about a product because you tend to be more picky. And also, depending on your experience, maybe with the same product/service or one with another brand, there will be expectations because of this.

Q4: How do we manage expectations?

This is really interesting, and very difficult. Because since there are different customers there will be different expectations and therefore different satisfaction. I believe it is important to focus on the biggest (or the biggest) customer segments that there are in order to cover as many customers as possible, but to cover all is impossible. It will always depend on today’s mood etc. However, to cluster the customers and from there work out a strategy for the biggest clusters by focusing on the common interest/thought is probably be the way of working. I think the most difficult but also the most important part of this is to define the different clusters and groups, which would therefore require a lot of resources and maybe not be as prioritized in companies as it has to be.


Ok this blog post got long but hopefully you can add your comments about my thoughts. Do you agree or not? And what do you think in that case?




3 reaktioner till “Tweetchat nr 1

  1. Such interesting thoughts and it does sound like you had a really good session on Friday.
    What a shame I wasn´t able to join, I will do my best to do this next time.
    Thank you for the inspiration!


  2. I Believe that we have access to a goldmine that at least we in out line of work(public sector) don´t use enough. That is observing our customers/Citizens everyday online/in our offices or on the phone. I Think it would be so interesting to take notes and compare them to my colleagues notes upon ”whats up among our visitors this week?” Are they happier, angrier, keener on accepting offers, aso. And why? What have we actually done this week that makes a difference?. What expectations do we anticipate based on last weeks actions we took. Are we on our toes and agile , curiuos enough to actually see that and learn from that?



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