Expectations about Module 4 – Customer interactions.

When I first saw this module, I thought about the act of selling a product to a customer, when the customer is interacting with a salesperson. After watching the first videos of the website of Understanding Customer Experience, I have understood that it is so much more than this. It could be about the actual usage phase of a product, or you can use customers to develop your product through tests etc. Also, it is a way of communicating as I have understood it – a way of how you want to show and your business and how you want it to be perceived.

I look forward to learn more about concepts and theories about this subject and I believe it could be a strength to understand the importance of customer interactions, and the way it can actually affect a business.

I have a lot of learn within this subject, and the first of the modules that I have to do a lot of research about before even understanding what it is about, for me it is a quite complex and unspecified subject, but I am sure I will understand a lot more after these couple of weeks. Interesting to say at least!

To be continued…



2 reaktioner till “Expectations about Module 4 – Customer interactions.

  1. Absolutely true, I thought of the same thing at the beginning. Can’t wait to learn more about the subject… There are much more to learn… 🙂


  2. Indeed! Customer interractions are much more than the moemnt of purchase. I believe it’s more about creating relations with the customer, this can be both long term and short term. Then again, the core activity all businesses is sales, so interractions, relations and all communication with the customer should ultimately lead to sales?



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