Reflect upon one video presented on the webpage(KAU) and reflect on the concepts

I am very interested in body language and how you are able to emphasis what you say with how you look, move and do with your body. Because of this, I got interested mostly in the ”nonverbal communication” video.

There are different ”Modes of communication”: Gestures (arms and hands, movement), Posture (position of body), Touching behaviour, Facial expression, Eye behaviour, Vocal behaviour (intonation, sounds). The non-verbal communication has a wide spectra from small modalities (like vocality and gesture) to big modalities (posture and spatiality).

I believe this is a very interesting and powerful part of communication. Depending on how you want to be perceived, you should use different modes of communication. For example, to be powerful and seen as an authority you should have a strong posture and stand straight with not much movement, just to enhance something you say. To be inspiring, you would be open to the public and use your arms and your gesture as a strength. Also, touching behaviour is interesting, because for some it can feel friendly and familiar but for others it gets too personal and close. Therefore, sometimes you have to change your non-verbal communication depending on the person you talk to.

I believe that getting the non-vernal communication right could be really successful for salesmen and companies, this is because of the 3 functions of non-verbal communication:
1. It adds information to words
2. Gives the conversation a new direction
3. Reinforces a specific communicative content




En reaktion till “Reflect upon one video presented on the webpage(KAU) and reflect on the concepts

  1. I like the way you connect non verbal communication to how to be perceived as authority, inspirational, familar etc. I will think of this next time I’m observing service providers.



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