Reflect upon how you could improve the work of your business/organization regarding customer satisfaction/experience with the help of the concepts or models highlighted in module 5.

If we reflect back on the situation with the bus card system for the city where I live, I would be able to make a lot of difference I believe. However, there is always a matter of cost and benefits when making changes. But in this reflection below I will focus on the concepts of module 5 and see what is possible to do to improve this situation.

First of all, I believe that some updates has to be done in order to make the process a bit more modern, as the first video on the KAU website is talking about. In order to be able to read about the process to buy a monthly ticket online would benefit for a lot of people,  and also increase the searching/identifying resources that is needed (which is brought up in the video Customer experiences of resource integration: Reframing servicescapes at KAU website). This will enable an easier script (the way the process is carried out, the steps included), since people will know beforehand that they need to bring a photo and a document with their personal information in order to make a bus card. This will cut the steps of going to the store and then get the information that a photo is needed, and then have to go back again. Already here, I believe that the customer experience and satisfaction will get higher.

Also, the fact that the experience room is in randomly selected tobacco shops does not make the situation any better, instead it is difficult to know which one to go to and usually (my experience), not many people there speak English which means that all the customers need to speak Spanish, which limit the service to a big extent.

If the service would be located in a specific place, like in the bus terminal or at the tourist office for example, it will probably increase the accessibility because then these facilities are responsible for marketing/information about their bus card (and not the small tobacco shops that does not have a lot of power/money/resources to process this marketing/informative platforms).

To conclude, improving information about this card and the experience room (location) of the shops would increase the intuition, sense making and the using phase and since these phases have a big effect of customer interaction and experience (as described in the video ”Customer experiences of resource integration: Reframing servicescapes” at KAU website), I believe this will increase customer satisfaction.



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