2 advertisements analyzed with the persuasion principals.

1st  advertisement: Daniel Wellington. Principal: Social proof.

Daniel Wellington uses celebrities and influencers on social media to advertise their products. According to Erik Wästlund, KAU, (https://youtu.be/sei-vaaOe_g), it is very probable that you will use the service if some other person (customer, influencer) says that it is a great service. Also the ”Like-button” is effective by being able to see that other people like this service/product. – we are more likely to use this ourselves.  This is exactly what is being used in social media, with a celebrity posting a picture with him/her and the watch. Daniel Wellington started off by sponsoring famous people with their watches and in return make them post an advertisement online on their social media such as instagram, blog, facebook, snapchat, twitter etc.This has been showed to be really successful since Daniel Wellington is one of the biggest companies in their segment with a lot of sales thanks to the social proof factor. The people buy it more if they see someone using it and recommend it – especially famous people. The target group should be people that use social media and especially the ones that are looking for a fashion watch with a good price.

2nd advertisement: Coca Cola. Principal: Liking.

The advertisement with the names on the coca cola bottle made people like it more because it was the concept of ”share a coke with…” and then you could choose from ”friend”, ”family”, ”Peter”, ”Anna” etc. You could find your own friends among the bottles and the commercial are usually played out in a familiar and friendly environment, with friends sharing coke and drinking it together when they meet. This makes you feel the liking of this product – since it is connected a lot with socialising with your friends, something that you are familiar to (https://youtu.be/krJiZ5_5XPs). It is directed mostly towards young adults, but also to younger people and elderly people.


En reaktion till “2 advertisements analyzed with the persuasion principals.

  1. Hi. Thanks for the example. I watched Daniel Wellington commercials on youtube for the first time. I also made some commercial examples using social proof principle.
    I agree that Coca cola advertisement worked very well everywhere.



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